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Very Skunk will not disappoint the lovers of the loud and keepers of the dank. We used a special Very Cherry f2 mom from Humboldt Seed Company that we hunted and paired with our heritage Afghan Skunk. She grows very well indoor and outdoor. She does require supports due to large flowers. Very Skunk gets large but does not stretch much upon flowering. She does show resistance to pests and molds. This strain has immense flavor and smells. The mom screamed of extremely loud orange terpenes. One of the most orange expressive plants we have ever come across. The original Very Cherry is known for super high cherry terpene levels and is one of the best smelling varieties ever created. Very Skunk is very similar in trichome production and terpene content but expresses orange. Likely to only produce around 18-20% THC but she is incredibly loud and very unique. Perfect for flower or sauce and terpene projects, this strain will not disappoint the discerning nose! Growers can expect orange, and overpowering fruit and skunky garlic terpenes. A Lofty, non-debilitating high one can expect mild sativa high combined with the Indica high of its Skunk heritage. Very skunk is very medical as it can treat a laundry list of medical ailments from body aches to PTSD. Its most outstanding property is its impressive yields. Bring on the bushels!

Hybrid 40% Indica – 60% Sativa

Produces record amounts of resin and terpenes. Sweet orange blossoms, loud citrus skunky fruit garlic


Grower Level: Easy

Helps: Pain, anxiety/stress, chronic body aches, PTSD

Smell/Taste: Orange Citrus, skunky, fruity, garlic

Family: Sativa dominant Hybrid

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium to large

Flower Time: Flowers 8-9 weeks

Lineage: Mother- Very Cherry f2 X Father- Afghan Skunk

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12


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