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Therapy Kush delivers a very unique smell and flavor that is in a class all by herself. OG Kush fans will love this cultivar. Her structure and growth make her a standout in the garden. Therapy Kush is best described as sweet floral with strong musky earthy overtones combined with hints of spicy fruit and pine. A very stable cultivar resistant to molds and bugs during all indoor and outdoor test runs. The Plant growth is very rigorous as she grows fast and strong all while being very trainable. Grows to be a tall plant and a heavy producer with very dominant beautiful unique flowers. Green and purple colors and a high resin producer. Therapy Kush is pure medical grade cannabis. An everyday go to flower for all kinds of medical ailments. Its long-lasting and potent effect, cerebral as well as physical keep you in a perfect state of bliss. Fun To Grow, better to consume. Enjoy Therapy finally with Therapy Kush!

Grower level: Easy to grow very forgiving

Helps: PTSD, Pain, Anxiety, Relaxation and Sleep

Smell/Taste: Sweet floral with strong musky overtones combined with hints of spicy fruit and pine

Family: 80/20 Indica Dominant

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Large

Flower Time: Flowers 9 weeks

Lineage: Mother: 707 Truthband X Father- Animal Cookies

Sex: Regular

Photo Period:12/12

Yield: high yields 9-10 weeks


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