Space Treats


Premium Quality Organic Cannabis Seeds

Adult Novelty Souvenirs

6 Pack


Space Treats was accomplished by breeding our exceptionally pungent and stinky female Smell My Finger from CSI Humboldt with our male (GSC x Space Queen) from Subcool.  Space Treats is very fun and easy to grow. She flowers in 9 weeks.  Space Treats is a strong plant with good resistance to molds mildews and bugs. This cultivar  is one of the loudest Cultivars we have ever come across. Most Pheno’s are greens with a few that show purple colors late in flower under the right conditions. Nice stinky dense flowers that deliver for the end user. A non user will appreciate the wonderful aromas Space Treats leave behind. TREAT yourself today and get some Space Treats!

Grower level: Easy

Helps: Pain, stress, lack of appetite, depression

Smell/Taste: Grape Funk and Musky mixed in Cookies with a hints of citrus

Family: Indica Hybrid

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium(has some stretch)

Flower Time: Flowers 9 weeks

Lineage: Mother- Smell My Finger X Father- (GSC x Space Queen) 

Sex: Regular


Yield: Medium yield flowers 9 weeks



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