Organic CBD Pain Lotion


420mg CBD infused
2oz Jar
5 Simple all-natural organic ingredients!

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Our CBD infused lotion is ultra-rich and utterly moisturizing! You will find that this moisturizing lotion will consistently keep you moisturized while killing your pain! It feels like a nice warm hug!

Our customers use lotion for: arthritis pain, sciatic nerve pain, strained muscles, joint pain, stretch marks and even sunburns!

Our skin is our largest organ, and anything you put on it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
The problem is most commercial skin care products are filled with, fragrances, dyes, detergents, carcinogens, preservatives such as formaldehyde and parabens.
Our already overburdened liver then needs to filter all that garbage for us to stay healthy. So, think of it this way…Don’t put anything on your skin, that you wouldn’t eat. Our lotion has five simple organic ingredients with great benefits!

Ingredients list:
Organic shea butter, organic coco butter, organic coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil and eucalyptus essential oil (adding Eucalyptus Oil, this helps with muscle and joint pain) and 420mg of CBD.

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