Organic Blue Borage


Approximately 3 Servings 


Grow your own medicine! 

There are so many plants that offer health benefits and offer relief for so many ailments. We are here to help you obtain that green and sober lifestyle.

Organic Blue Borage

Smell/taste: Very mild flavor reminiscent of cucumber, with a hint of honeydew melon. This flavor will be more prominent if you make a cold infusion rather than steeping borage in boiling water.

Helps with: Borage flower and leaves are used for fever, cough, and depression. Borage is also used for a hormone problem called adrenal insufficiency, for “blood purification,” to increase urine flow, to prevent inflammation of the lungs, as a sedative, and to promote sweating.

Mix and match any herbs to make your own unique tea!

Instructions for tea: Steep 2 tbsp in 8 oz of hot water for 3-6 minutes. Contains 3 servings.

We have left the plant leaf intact for your convenience. If you are going to use it topically, for tea or as an herb to cook with you have that option of cutting it up or keeping it whole.

You will need a tea infuser. Copy and paste link below for a cheap and easy reference.

All of our herbs are grown in a organic super soil mix. All of our herbs have been grown and harvested in small batches all hands on by us personally. 



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