Killer Queen BX


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6 Pack


The name says it all, she is a Killer Queen of plant! She commands presence among other plants she is surrounded by with her bushy purple and green leaves. She is covered in trichomes and her aroma permeates the whole environment. Extra caution for odor removal, there is no hiding the Queens presence! She has highly potent and resinous buds with delicious tropical fruit fragrances and flavors. Her high THC levels gives you the relaxing effect that you need to relax, but not locking you to your couch. Like the song says, she’s guaranteed to blow your mind… anytime!

Grower Level: Intermediate

Helps: Uplifting, calming, focus

Smells/Taste: Hawaiian punch, cherry, fruity

Lineage: Mother-Killer Queen X Father-Cinderella 99

Family: Indica hybrid 60/40

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12

Height: Medium/Large (additional support is recommended on this bushy, plant. Perfect for SCROG.

Flower: 56-65 days

Yield: Heavy producer

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