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Government Runtz is an Indica hybrid strain that combines the legendary and mysterious G13, the fruity and uplifting Blueberry Headband, and the sweet and creamy Runtz. She is a powerhouse of a strain. Very unique flavor profile that entices the taste buds while basking in the aroma of a mix of creamy mushroom, citrus, berry, and diesel, with a hint of vanilla.  Strong plant that can get large if allowed to. Government Runtz has shown resistance to mold and is very responsive to training. Indoors expect 9-10 weeks for flowering cycle.  Flowers are mostly green and are very large and dense. Government Runtz flowers are completely covered in trichomes and is a great wash candidate.  The effects are powerful and long-lasting, with a euphoric and creative head high that transitions into a relaxing and soothing body high.  Pain, relaxation and PTSD related diagnoses are perfect treatment for this cultivar.  Some have said she is overly potent. Government Runtz is an epic strain that is very tasty she can satisfy any cannabis connoisseur.


Grower level: Easy

Helps: Pain, PTSD, Relaxation and sleep

Smell/Taste:  Creamy Mushroom, Citrus, Berry, and Diesel, with a hint of Vanilla.

Family: Indica Hybrid

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium/Large

Flower Time: Flowers 9-10 weeks

Lineage: Mother- (G13 x Blueberry Headband) X Father- Runtz

Sex: Regular

Photo Period:12/12

Yield: Medium/Large flowers 9 -10 weeks 



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