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Dysfunction is a cultivar you do not want to miss out on. Mega skunky grape kush candy flavor comes out of this breed. Dysfunction is a plant that grows very well and is a well-balanced cultivar for all environments. She has strength and shows resistance to the elements. She Likes a few stakes for support. Responds super well to pruning and training. Loves to be tied and held down. The flowers are beautiful with greens, orange, and purple colors. Trichome production is next level. Huge amounts of frosty trichomes blanket the flowers. Dysfunction is a heavy feeder and rewards with large dense yields. If she is grown to 10 weeks, she becomes very Narcotic. Dysfunction’s effects are best endured when it’s time for relaxing. Dysfunction is a heavy hitting Indica possessing the qualities of Purple Urkle. Dysfunction has a skunky, berry and grape flavor unlike anything else you’ve probably tried before. She just hits different. If you suffer from high stress levels or insomnia this strain could be perfect for you. It can induce sleep to even the heaviest of consumers but if you manage to stay awake then it can be very relaxing to ease your stress away. High Stress relief, PTSD, Pain, Insomnia Depression

What’s your Dysfunction?

Grower Level: Easy

Helps: Pain, Anxiety/Stress, Insomnia, PTSD

Smell/Taste: Skunky, Berry, Grape Candy

Family: Mostly Indica

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium to Large

Flower Time: Flowers 8-9 weeks

Lineage: Mother- Dysfunction Junction X Father- Afghan Skunk

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12

Yield: Medium to Heavy


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