Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility (the consumer) to know your state law and regulations!

Upon purchase of Cannabis and Tobacco seeds, I accept the following terms and conditions:

You confirm that you have checked and are aware of your local and international laws before placing your order. 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company does not condone acting outside these laws in any way and will accept no legal responsibility for laws or regulations broken by possession or use of our products,

2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company Cannabis and Tobacco Seeds are intended solely as collectible, adult, novelty souvenirs.

2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company will not ship to any Countries on the terrorist list! Which is the following: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, South Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kuwait.

If we are concerned that any customer will be planting, germinating, or harvesting our products in a State or Country where this is illegal, we have the right to refuse sale.

All orders/shipments are provided with a tracking number to verify shipment and delivery. Once delivery confirmation to the address that you provided has been confirmed, we will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen packages.

All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges. 

2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company will not be held responsible in any way for shipments seized or intercepted during delivery to states or countries where their possession is not legal.

The logo and trademarks shown on this website are the sole property of 2 Guns And A Guy Seed Company and may not be used by any other party without express written permission.