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2 Guns and A Guy Seed Company is proud to offer plant breeding services to our customers. Our company works with individuals, farms and companies.

Plant breeding is the science of creating new varieties of plant genome, which accelerates production of plants with desired traits. 2 Guns and A Guy Seed Company offers a wide array of plant breeding services, from traditional breeding to modern molecular breeding.

Plant breeding can be accomplished through a variety of techniques, including trait selection, mutation introduction, plant tissue culture (e.g., embryo rescue, haploid breeding, etc.), and molecular genome editing techniques also known as marker assisted breeding.

The Breeders at 2 Guns and a Guy Seed Company have rich real-world experience in all areas of plant breeding. Our skilled Bio Scientists and experts have contributed decades of dedicated work for the exploring and refining of modern breeding methods. We offer short-turn-around plant breeding services in a wide range of plant species including medical producing cannabis (Hot Hemp), Industrial cannabis (Hemp), native food crops, economic plants, flowers, and bio-energy plants.

2 Guns and A Guy Seed Company offers marker-assisted selection including marker-based back-crossing, marker-based pyramiding of multiple genes, marker-assisted recurrent selection, and genomic selection. Marker-assisted breeding refers to the plant breeding method where a trait of interest is selected based on genetic markers (DNA sequences variation). These services are essential to add in a high-End Level of Security for your plant species. Legal world of plants and ownership is complex. This Allows your to really lock up a cultivar to achieve federal Protection of intellectual property.

We Are experts in the art of inter-plant breeding creations of self-generation one. 2 Guns and A Guy Seed Company are specialists in feminization methods of current plant cultivars and creating feminized seeds. We also work with heirloom Clone only plant cultivars to stabilize and bring them back to a reliable trusted seed source. Our plant breeding process is State of the art. We aim to improve and produce new crop varieties or lines with desirable properties.

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