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The Whiskey Rebellion is here! Join the rebellion today with this all American cultivar! A potent unique smell comes off her like sandal wood and chocolate. The taste is like the chalky candy from combat cookies and finishes with the rich Animal cookie tones. Animal Cookies let us down in resistance to the elements. Whiskey Rebellion solves this while preserving the cannabinoid profile of the Animal we all love and medicate with. She is a beautiful strong plant requiring no support. She grows fast and produces high yields. She has also shown high resistance to PM and mold. George Washington himself would be proud of this cultivar.

George Washington himself would be proud of this cultivar!

Grower Level: Easy

Helps: Anxiety, pain, insomnia, PTSD

Smell/Taste: Sandalwood, cedar wood, chocolate, chalky, candy cigarette

Family: Indica

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium

Flower Time: Indoor 60 days – Outdoor 69-72 days

Lineage: Mother- Combat Cookies X Father- Animal Cookies

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12

Yield: Grows fast yields high






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