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Triple 9 combines the best nines in the industry. Triple 9 is fast from start to finish, usually 8-9 weeks flowering. She has strong dense branches and nice spacing. She is really easy to grow indoor and outdoor and is a forgiving cultivar. Triple 9 makes a great choice for new growers and experts alike. She does well in trellis due to the large cola size she produces. Flavor and strength, Triple 9 got it all! Born in USA 2019 F1 generation.

Grower level: Intermediate

Helps: Anxiety, PTSD, pain, anxiety, insomnia

Smell/Taste: Sweet, fruity, candy, Hawaiian punch

Family: Indica Hybrid 60/40

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium (requires stake support or trellis netting)

Flower Time: 56-65 days

Lineage: Mother-9lb Hammer X Father-Cinderella 99

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12

Yield:  Heavy producer

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