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Good things come to those who Wait. Time is money. What about when you want it and want it now? The Purple Couch is the Answer.

Strong Growth, high yields, strong Indica medicinal effects, and dense beautiful super fragrant flowers. The medicinal Jägermeister flavors and terpenes along with her mouth numbing effects is why we put this girl into the experimental hospital. Growth was strong and she had that look that told us she was destined for something Great. Perfect throughout the whole cycle until the very end when she came all apart. Unacceptable, another washout recruit. Instead of terminating her, this time she was sent back as a recycle to be retrained, stabilized, and bred out to a new f1 generation.

Experimental cultivar release. This breed was completed using revolutionary plant breeding techniques not been known to the cannabis genome before. Standard Breeding takes years and years to stabilize a cultivar. The Purple couch was enrolled in our Speed Breeding program. An experimental cultivar with minor stability defects was handed over to our speed breeding scientists.

SPEED BREED CYCLE PHASE 1 – Cultivar stabilized

SPEED BREED CYCLE PHASE 2 Speed Breeding stabilized cultivar to F3 generation

SPEED BREED CYCLE PHASE 3 Rigorous Testing and archiving

SPEED BREED CYCLE PHASE 4 Re-hybridization back to non-GMO Cultivar Via SUBCOOL PROJECT cultivar

SPEED BREED CYCLE PHASE 5 Testing and release protocol

1 year. The Purple Couch a new F1 hybrid.

Grower level: Intermediate 

Helps: Relaxation and sleep

Smell/Taste: Medicinal smells and flavors, Jägermeister

Family: Indica

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium

Flower Time: Flowers 8 weeks 

Lineage: Mother- Indacouch F3 X Father- Querkle

Sex: Regular


Yield: Heavy Producer

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