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Space Honey is a sweet intergalactic cultivar that was created by combining our Zkittlez mom and (GSC x Space Queen) male bred by Subcool. In searching for a cultivar that is stable with sweet candy terps and has large resin gland heads. Space Honey was specifically bred for extracts allowing for large returns during the extraction process. She is a giver as she produces large amounts of trichomes and large yields just from a simple sift. Space Honey is a performer in indoor garden settings and outdoor gardens alike. When grown organically she shows higher than average resistance to molds and mildews.  Strong branching and low leaf to flower ratio are also an added plus to this cultivar. She can stretch in flower and we recommend trellis supports. The final flower has green and purple hues that are beautiful to look at. Space Honey reeks of candy terps while delivering candy flavor. Sweet in taste and smell while delivering mind numbing effects that destroy pain and PTSD cold. Space Honey is a desert strain that is out of this world!


Grower level:  Easy just use supports

Helps: Pain, anxiety/stress, PTSD

Smell/Taste: Strong Candy some Cookie Tones

Family: Indica Hybrid

Indoor/Outdoor: Both performs well in trellis

Size: Medium(has some stretch)

Flower Time: Flowers 9 weeks

Lineage: Mother- Zkittlez X Father- (GSC x Space Queen) 

Sex: Regular


Yield: Medium yield flowers 9 weeks



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