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The RFI has officially dropped and there is limited availability! 

We know times are tough! We want everyone to have the gear they need to get their victory gardens going! 

Get your gardens going, grow your own medicine and become self sustainable! 

The RFI Special Edition includes: 6 pack of The Purple Couch and 6 pack of Vertical Worship 

6 pack of The Purple Couch

Grower level: Intermediate 

Helps: Relaxation and sleep

Smell/Taste: Medicinal smells and flavors, Jägermeister

Family: Indica

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium

Flower Time: Flowers 8 weeks 

Lineage: Mother- Indacouch F3 X Father- Querkle

Sex: Regular


Yield: Heavy Producer


6 Pack of Vertical Worship 

Grower Level: Easy

Helps: PTSD, anxiety, pain, insomnia

Smell/Taste: Fruity, smooth, creamy

Family: Indica Hybrid 60/40

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium

Flower Time: 56-65 days

Lineage: Mother- Whiskey Rebellion X Father- Cinderella 99

Sex: Regular

Photo Period: 12/12

Yield: Heavy producer


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