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Remember, breeding for battle is different. Champions are bred with Champions, that’s the way to the win the Triple Crown. Group Attention! Plants are not animals or so we thought. One aspect of the Plant breeding and seed production that is often overlooked is seed memory. Seeds inherit genes from the mother plant and are programmed on or off. This is determined by environmental factors that the mother plant experienced during her life.

For example, seeds created during a drought will pass activated drought traits to the seeds produced.

Johnny War Pants comes From a Champion lineage and was bred and produced under extreme real-world conditions. Train as you fight. During the seed production of this extreme strain she was put into the elements and programmed in two New England Hurricanes that rolled through during the grow season. The Seed memory capability of the produced seed is next level having survived two hurricanes.

Testing has shown extreme strength, vigor, and resistance to the elements. Seed memory is something often overlooked when seeds are made in a green house in Arizona. Johnny War Pants was bred for greatness. Bred to perform in the battlefield where she is assigned. PTSD destroying medical grade flowers are the result of her successful tour of War at the grow site. Easy to grow for beginners to professionals. She is easy to manicure and trim, allowing her to get into action faster and more effectively than most Indica broad leaf grown cultivars. Purple & green flowers, orange Hairs and extreme trichome production. JWP is loud! She has gassy, fuel and Citrus tones, with some added candy grape goodness that elevates you while healing pain and PTSD all while leading you to conquer and obtain greatness. Johnny War Pants!

Grower level: Easy

Helps: Pain, PTSD, relaxation, focused

Smell/Taste: Gassy, fuel, grape candy undertones

Family: 70/30 Indica Dominant 

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Size: Medium/Large

Flower Time: 8-9 weeks 

Lineage: Mother: Its Mendo Dope X Father: War Trophy

Sex: Regular


Yield: Heavy

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  1. J? Mystery Genetics

    Such a beautiful plant, my pair was about 5 feet tall and very sativa looking, Mine looked like the TGA legend Vortex which she has in her and my phenos definately expressed her! thin leaves and light green sativa structure. A lovely plant, that special girl that will make you smile everytime you visit the garden. J? Mystery Genetics

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