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Now introducing, Jack The Ripper F2 generation from the legendary Subcool. Before his untimely passing, Subcool was making it his mission to teach people how to grow, make epic genetics and stick it to the man! We are selling these seeds at half cost with the goal that they will be affordable for everyone. In turn, his legacy will continue! Over grow the planet!
Jack the Ripper is a high-quality strain that we have added to our limited sativa collection. If you are looking to get stuff done, get you heart racing and stay awake, then this strain is for you! This strain can be used as an alternative to drinking energy drinks! Smoke too much and this strain will take you out like the infamous Jack the Ripper circa 1891. This strain might give you so much energy, you will start investigating the unsolved murders of Jack The Ripper yourself!

Ever think about what it would smell like if lemons could scream in your face? Well, that is the smell of the beautiful pheno we selected to breed with for this strain. This plant has beautiful hues of greens, pinks and purples! Jack The Ripper… the original serial bong ripper!

Grower level: Easy

Helps: Pain, appetite, visual, energy, increased heart rate

Smell/Taste: Lemon, citrus

Family: 80/20 Sativa Dominant

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Size: Medium/Large (has some stretch)

Flower Time: Flowers 9 weeks 

Lineage: Mother- Jack the Ripper F1 X Father- Jack the Ripper F1

Sex: Regular


Yield: 8 to 9 weeks 


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3 reviews for Jack The Ripper

  1. James Gorczyca (verified owner)

    You need to be aware that the JTR strain has one of if not the highest level of THCV. This is a somewhat rare cannabinoid that is supposed to be very beneficial, but most importantly is an APPETITE SUPPRESSANT.
    I was very overweight, and have lost over 60 lb since last spring with its help.
    You can read details here, which has a link to a government scientific report if desired.


  2. zane (verified owner)

    I have purchased this seed because it has some of my all time favorite lineage. I recently have flipped to flower and this strain has immense vigor. I note heavy pine, lemon, and almost a chem cleaner in this as of right now. Hopefully all carries well into buds, only a week and a half in. Hands down, some of the best seeds I have ever run.

  3. Jason

    I have grown a pair if these outdoors in 2022, awesome looking little sativa, had a male and female so bx her. I also had chernobyl that I picked up and breed the JTR to her to create the Nuclear Ripper! I would rate her at around 18% but mine was also super seeded and if plant puts that much effort into seeds resin production suffers. I am very greatful to Two Guns for making these available, great genetics, also grew a very vortex leaning Johhny War Pants! If your looking for fun and functional effects look no further! J Mystery Genetics

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