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Pu Tang was bred to a monstrous and masterful male Heavy Duty Fruity from TH Seeds to add STRENGTH to the famous and legendary Pu Tang cultivar from Mass Medical Strains. Heavy Duty Pu Tang (HDP) adds Strength into the original genetic for more efficient outdoor applications. HDP retains all the good and adds much stronger branches to withstand the harsh outdoor. We still recommend using supports through out this plants growing cycle. She retains The original Pu Tang cultivars effect as stated by Mass Medical Strains “The effect is super happy, with both a powerful uplifting mental high and a super euphoric body buzz. A strong uplifting sativa style effect, extremely mind opening and has done wonders for patients with extreme depression. This is a super special and sacred plant. Feedback we have gotten says that it has saved multiple lives and we couldn’t be more humbled to be a part of that! Plants will smell mostly of orange/tangerine, with some heavier notes and purple colors mixed right in along with a grape candy undertone. Terpinolene will dominate the terpene profile with lots of Myrcene too. These plants are very loud! Extremely flavorful and enjoyable. Plants have about 2-3x stretch and finish flowering in 8-9 weeks. Fast growing even in veg phase. Great for enhancing pleasure as your whole body will become extra sensitive to touch and feel great! Great for opening the mind and inspiring positive thoughts and feelings. Powerful anti-depressive effect, motivating, and euphoric. Extremely therapeutic. Great for love in all forms, universal and romantic.
 This strain is one of our best outdoor performance in most climates with excellent resistance to mold and mildew. Well known for its good mood and anti-depressive effects!”

Now she’s got The Strength to win them all!
​Pu tang mother
1st Place Commonwealth Cannabis Cup 2019
HighTimes Magazine Top 10 Strains 2019

HEAVY DUTY PU TANG (HDP) another version of the great Pu Tang which aims to be bigger and stronger! Strong Pu Tang is a good thing. You know… so you don’t wear it out.


Grower level:  Easy

Helps: Pain, appetite, visual, energy increased heart rate 

Smell/Taste: Delicious sharp orange citrus with dank grape candy background

Family: Hybrid 

Indoor/Outdoor: Both * utilize supports with this cultivar* 

Size: Medium *has some stretch*

Flower Time: Flowers 9 weeks

Lineage: Mother- Pu Tang X Father- Heavy Duty Fruity

Sex: Regular


Yield: Medium 


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