Organic CBD Foaming Bath Powder

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200mg CBD Isolate

Lavender Scented

Will custom make scent of your choice upon request


These are bath bombs without the commitment!

Pour and enjoy! 

We have strategically combined our High Quality American made Organic CBD Isolate and organic lavender essential oils to create a specific full-body experience. When these ingredients are combined they have the Entourage Effect, which gives your body maximum benefits. We took it to the next level and included Epsom salt in to the mix to give your body the maximum benefits possible! 

This Foaming bath powder will nourish your whole body, calm your mind and relieve your pain! 

The benefits of soaking in a CBD infused bath:

The combination of hot water and Epsom salt helps to increase blood flow and pore opening, CBD is able to enter the bloodstream at a rapid pace. These benefits can potentially include:

Pain relief/helps with discomfort

Improved sleep

Stress and anxiety relief

Boost in your mood

Nausea relief

The benefits of Epsom Salt:

Arthritis pain and swelling

Bruises and sprains

Achy Muscles

Achy Ligaments/tendons


Skin irritations


The benefits of lavender:

Improves sleep

treats skin blemishes

Relieves pain

Reduces blood pressure

Combat fungus growth

If there is a specific scent you would like, let us know! We will custom make it for you! 

Ingredients list:

Epsom salt, Cornstarch, Baking soda, Citric Acid, Hemp seed oil, essential oil for scent and 200mg of High quality CBD isolate.


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