As a veteran myself, I like the fact that they are veteran owned and operated and have strains for PTSD. The gift for vets is cool, better than 10% off like most places.

Happy vet, happy customer!

Triple nine- Tastes like fruit stripes gum I used to chew as a kid, I’m hooked!


Whiskey Rebellion-Faint smell.  Nice looking bud.  Broke up well, smoked well.

Harvest Cup Judge

Whiskey Rebellion- Visual array of colors, tight buds.  Aroma:  Stony & sweet, citrus, floral. Taste:  Sweet, some dirt/earthy taste.  Effect:   Mild, body buzz.  Ash creamy.

Harvest Cup Judge

Whiskey Rebellion- Nice High.

Harvest Cup Judge

Hoodie- Comfortable, I like the logo and get compliments when I wear it.


Once I got my package (which came in 2 days) I had a couple questions. They responded right away and have been helpful answering all the questions I have.